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Sue Lee

I grew up in Santa Barbara County, California, then spent 15 years near Grants Pass, Oregon.  I moved back to California to take care of my aging father as his health failed and, after he passed away in 1994, I relocated to St. David, Arizona where my husband and I purchased 18 acres of land that backs up to the San Pedro River, well above the 100 year flood plain.  It has been a work in progress ever since, but recently we undertook an ambitious remodeling project to make major improvements to the quality of life we live and offer to share the same with like-minded individuals (Alysion Acres).

I spent several years as a vegan but now eat some meat as well as dairy products and eggs, although I will admit to having a healthier lifestyle as a vegetarian.  I have training as a Registered Nurse, an EMT, and in massage, hydrotherapy, and natural healing.

I have a 29-year-old daughter who lives and works as an RN in Tucson, and an 18-year old son who is a computer whiz kid and plans to move to Chicago this year. My daughter has given me two grandchildren ages 2 and 4, who are the most precious, beautiful, and intelligent kids I have ever met, but will admit to being a tiny bit justifiably biased.

My interests include wildlife habitat preservation and restoration, education, healthful lifestyles (I'm working on it...), sailing, camping, hiking, archeology, off-the-grid thrival living, birds and dogs and horses, gardening, reading, writing, music, and conversing with interesting people.

Eric Lee

Riding a CruzbikeOne of my hobbies is creating content for the World Wide Web, which I've been doing for about 12 years starting with my popular String Figure Web site (see sidebar). I did most of the work on this site, but Sue also joins in the fun and will be doing other related sites.

Following community college I spent most of my time living in my truck on the streets of the student ghetto of Isla Vista near the University of California, Santa Barbara (except for summers "on the road").  Although not a student, I did make heavy use of the UCSB library where I continued my education as an autodidactic.  Science, philosophy, history, literature, pretty much the whole world of ideas that I had missed out on, was grist for the mill.  I continued to travel and work during the summers, but as I spent little, I found, as Thoreau had over a hundred years earlier, that I need only work six weeks out of the year to take the rest off.

After about six years of self-study, I enrolled at Cal Poly State University, initially as a Crop Science major, then double majoring in Soil Science.  I did well, but after graduating I took an interest in personal computers, taught myself programming, and eventually developed a collection of commercially successful word processing software for Commodore computers.  It was at a computer club meeting that I meet Sue (see above) who married me for user support. After Sue went through nursing school, I decide to do so as well.  I now work in the emergency department of a large hospital when not working on various pet projects.  We moved to Tucson so our then 13-year old son could study computer science as a full-time community college student.

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